We accept free listing for all members

If this is the first time that you submit a listing on the top-golf.net website, why don’t you follow our instructions below step by step to get a clear overview of how to submit a listing?

Step 1: Get access to https://top-golf.net/ and use the account that we provided you to sign in. If you do not have an account, let’s contact us to get it.

Step 2: You can start to list your golf shop/golf course on our website by clicking on the (+) icon and then choosing Create Place.

Step 3:  Fill in the listing detail.


  • Title: It is the name of the golf shop/golf course you are going to post.
  • Category: Just select relevant categories.
  • Country: United States.
  • State: Choose the state in which your golf shop/golf course is located.
  • City: Select a suitable city.
  • Tower: It is optional. So, you can choose the tower or not. It’s up to you.


It is a paragraph of 7-8 sentences about that location. You can include types of provided services, prices for each service as well as the architecture of this location, and so on.


  • Logo image: It is the logo of your golf shop/golf course.
  • Featured image: It should be the most beautiful picture that you get from that location including its name. It can be its avatar from a fan page or the cover image from its website.
  • Gallery: It is a set of 3-6 images from that restaurant/ food store location and then upload it into the image section.

Contact information:

Fill out some contact information for your golf shop/golf course, including email, phone number, website, and social networks.

Work hours:

Select the days and times your golf shop/golf course is open.


Enter the full address of your golf shop/golf course.


This section is for golf shop/golf course owners to post to recruit staff.

And finally, you can publish the listing and wait for approval. After we approve your post, you can see it on our website and edit it at any time that you want.

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